Realtors & Buyers

The Austin Brook and Austin Park POA manages the Austin Brook, Austin Park, and Austin Park II neighborhoods in the Belforest area. All properties are subject to Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs). Prior to purchasing property in this community, prospective new owners are encouraged to obtain and read the community CCRs and other legal documents. The CCRs are administered by the POA Board of Directors. All lot owners are POA members.

Dues are $735 per year for Austin Brook, Austin Park, and Austin Park II. All dues are due January 15th and are considered late if received after February 15th.

Please obtain pool access keys from the selling owner. These include a pool access RFID card and pool bathroom keys. If this is not possible, email [email protected]. You will be charged $20 to obtain an RFID card.

Please email [email protected] for an Estoppel Certificate before your closing date.